What was the purpose of Lineage?

In the dark ages when direct connection and communion with source was less available to the masses, spiritual wisdom was passed down through lineage from Teachers, Gurus and Shamans to Students and Disciples. This was beneficial at the time for maintaining a limited yet, ever present perception of light in the collective during incredibly dark times in history. The Levels of Light available now are far greater; both in accessibility and abundance. The old method of transmitting spiritual insight and advancement no longer serves its purpose (within the consciousness that is is being used) for the age of Ascension, it in fact binds people to lower states of being.

And Now?

At this time, anybody may learn to access truth at anytime. We as a civilisation and and Ascending Collective are no-longer dependent upon these archaic means of transmitting spiritual wisdom as the capacity for our own individuated connection with source is vastly greater than in the times when such lineages were formed.
The spiritual transmissions that were once containing the wisdom of the sages often manifest as condensed and festering black magic and karma which can be released spontaneously during ceremony or in their healing sessions. Unless the traditions and the cultures associated are truly looked at honestly, with the intention of bringing to light and fully integrating any shadows present, they are but a crutch, a hinderance and a distraction from True Healing.

How does the Lineage-Shadow Manifest?

A Truly Conscious, Light aligned and 5D+ Being, upon visiting almost all elders, shamans, gurus and spiritual teachers is likely to encounter some form of an ‘Ancestral Purge’. This usually contains various types of black magic, curses and karma pertaining the lineage and the unhealed shadows of the practitioner. This release is triggered by the sudden influx of light received by the teacher from the truly conscious awakened being.

One who is strong and empowered in their connectedness with Source can easily transmute these dense, hypnotic and demonic energies into Pure, Divine, Source-Aligned Love-Light (you may even learn more about this process here). However, less conscious individuals who visit teachers and shamans for healing are likely unaware of this as a factor and may not currently hold the energetic skill-set or awareness to heal these energies for themselves.

They often leave with a little more than they bargained for.

InfinIte Potential.

Many of these Old-World Shamans have the potential to be truly powerful healers, teachers and guides for the Ascending population but are held back due to not having realised a consciousness through which they can release, clear and permanently heal these long held and cultivated curses and karma.

I am offering a type  of healing by which all Karma from past-lives and Ancestry may be healed and totally aligned in the light;
for shamans, healers and spiritual teachers of all kinds.

The time has come for True Healing on this planet.

True Embodied Ascension;

the Embodiment of God Consciousness made fully tangible & incarnate.

Infinite Blessings To All.


Dragon Rinpoche