Greetings, I am Dragon.

I incarnated on Earth, already Ascension Activated, As Maxwell in 2001 with the mission of embodying a new level of unity conscious that had never before existed, in this world or any.

My Journey began in East London where I lived for less than 1 year, with my biological Parents and Sister. After this brief Londonic Life Initiation my Family relocated to Yorkshire, further north in England. Another short lived homestay of 2 years with the birth of my younger brother marking the close of this chapter as we prepared for yet another relocation to North Wales. It was here where I spent the majority of my Childhood; the next 7 years between ages 3 and 10 Before moving, once again, to Cambridgeshire.

2017 – 2018 was marked, for me, with numerous Galactic Initiations involving Djinn, Demons, Sucubi, Reptillians and Angels and a full-scale transformation and evolution of my dreamtime which began with Sleep paralysis and eventually led to Lucidity and Higher dimensional light-work, prophecies, trainings and seminars which continues to this day.

Between the Summer Solstices of 2019 and 2022 I underwent a full scale initiation and training where I was Galactically downloaded with Multidimensional wisdom and architecture necessary for Ascension and for my mission here. This brought me to and beyond the consciousness that prior to 2012, many would refer to as enlightenment. This involved rigorous training in **Meditation, QiGong, Yoga & Musical Alchemy** Aswell as a great many Precise and Non-traditional plant medicine initiations. This training was primarily orchestrated from a Galactic level however I had some earthly guides momentarily, at various times. This journey spanned many continents. My Energy body was completely transformed and my aura had become radiant, charged and one that exudes Love and Light at all times. This however, was only the beginning. Beneath this newly birthed light avatar still remained some denser 3D/4D programmes (many from less conscious teachers and communities who at the time I gave the benefit of the doubt) and residue of Karma and Self-rejection, from this incarnation. The Next year of my existence here upon Gaia would be one of Complete Activation and Mastery.


The path the Planetary Leader of Ascension walks is wholly dedicated to Ascension. They are Devoted to the mission of Raising humanities consciousness and healing the collective, regardless of how they are perceived in this process. This will mean the death of the ego time and time again; as many times as is necessary. All Ideas of who we think we are must die in order for the Truth to be revealed. The Leader of Ascension does this work on both an individual and planetary basis, they do the work on themselves and on others; both happen simultaneously and ease-fully.


To be Continued…