Allowance is the source of all peace.


Trust and surrender to your hearts highest virtue is the gateway to infinite lasting healing and true Ascension. In order to really evolve and gain value from an experience we must fully accept what has happened and allow the outcomes and shifts to resonate on all levels; despite any discomfort or unfamiliarity which may accompany them. Allow all the feelings and sensations, they are the flag bearers of your highest transformation; your deepest integration.

In the weeks and months following your ceremony you may find lot of previously hidden aspects of your being rising to the surface. Trust the process. Allow your new consciousness to resonate through your entire being.



The Egoic Mind


It will try to distinguish between good feelings and bad feelings, as well as good and bad changes. Allow this game to play out. To resist would only create additional conflict. The Ego is not your enemy. It only wants to survive and to paternize. With love and acceptance it can be integrated into the light. You may train it through unconditional allowance and complete non-resistance. Know that each time the ego is slain by earth-shattering transformation it will try again and again to rebuild and generate a sense of safety.

You are the master over how it is reconstructed and which values and attributes you wish to feed it. With each death we have the power to realise more and more of our infinite potential in whatever ways we wish to embody and experience.



Expansion and Evolution of Consciousness


Mastery of life and truly knowing our capacity to create any reality and all experiences in complete alignment with source. Ascension is the destruction and transformation of all limitations enabling fully embodied god consciousness on earth.



 You are worthy and able to live and embody the highest bliss charged lovelight in THIS LIFETIME and to be a creator of HEAVEN ON EARTH.




 Infinite Blessings; All


Dragon Rinpoche