The Dragons


Dragons are very misunderstood beings. Often portrayed as feared, ferocious and dangerous, they are the object and often the adversary of numerous myths and legends worldwide. Almost all cultures have some understanding and some concept of what the dragon is which varries greatly depending upon location.

Worldwide Aknowldegement


In China they are still to this day widely viewed as gods, much to the distaste of the current government. The symbol of the Dragon pays homage to the powerful Imperial lineage which they command and creates a direct point of access into the energies of Ancient China; which are alive and well, beneath the surface of typical human perception. In fact, working with the Dragons is one of the ways that we can access occulted territories of consciousness (stargate timetravel), that to most are hidden away, in every country of the world. This allows for new levels of remembering and connecting with the true history of this realm. When we remember we can forgive and we can heal. When you are healed, you are Ascending.



More examples of these other dimensional spaces/ parallel realities on the planet include: Avalon; accessible through the area currently known as Great Britain, Amazonia; of Central and South America, Ancient Sumeria; through portals in the Middle East and Ancient Egypt or Kemet; in todays Egypt. Atlantis and Lemuria may also be included among these however these are less dense space-times which have many, many access points globally. Dragon energies may be utilized to open and to fly through the necessary stargates which grant you access to these dimensions, for the benefit of planetary and personal ascension.

Dragons Phire


Asking the dragons phire to clear away all that no longer serves your highest potential is also a wonderful tool in generating energetic clarity and lightness allowing for more ease in gaining the necessary momentum for stargate ascension. Through essence of creation breathing truth into the fabric of the matrix, aligning in highest virtue and erradicating all deception. Penetrating all fibers and weaving a new paradigm – reborn in the fires of transmutation; for all who are Ready for the greater octave of Ascension.

Where are they now?


In this current time the Dragons reside in the higher dimensions; just out of sight of the majority of incarnated humans. Even though they do not currently manifest in physical forms which fully captures their full majesty, they are availible to anyone who is able to call them in or conjure them a form with the power of MIND. This a practise to honed a perfected throughout your Ascension Journey. They are here to assist us always as their nature is beyond linear time, just like your own. As the Planetary Ascension process unfolds the gap in density between humanity and the Dragons decreases making them more and more accessible. The Angelic skies of 5D Gaia are full of Dragons and they are ready to merge with the Ascending Consciousness of Earth. The energy of the Dragons also incarnates today in the form of Dragonflies, Fireflies, some Reptiles and also some Amphibians.



The historical Reptilian influence on Earth, was a distortion and hijacking of TRUE Dragon Energies. The Powerful Divine Masculine and Sacred Divine Femine presence in the polarity game here on Earth was twisted during ‘the Fall’ into dense physical matter, into that of Inverted Sexual energy which manifests as manipulation, deception and control. This was aided by negativly polarized service-to-self beings in the cosmos, some of which manifesting as Humanoid Reptilian beings from darker regions of the Galaxy. Due to bearing some genetic resonance with Dragon energies, some of the primary seeds for advanced consciousness on Earth, the highjacking of almost every institution on this planet was made possible.



This is the world that we are coming from; the dark ages if you will. Not all reptilian beings in the cosmos are negatively polarized, however the ones who pulled the strings (with the assistance of other service-to-self races) in the darkest portions of this Realms history are. These distortions now only exist as shadows and programmes (viruses) in the minds of those humans who are still clinging to the ways of darkness.

And Now


We exist now in a time of immesurable LIGHT and ILLUMINATION. The potential for further hijacking is very minimal. The uprooting of darkness and illusion is happening incredibly quickly. Simply surrender egoic structures, programmes and delusion to the light of the dragons phire and clear the way; fertilizing tranquil mastery of the polarity plasma field over the seeds of true strength, wisdom and pure consciousness.

Harnessing the POWER of the Dragons


Spiraling ferocity; the fires of radiant bliss.
Purifying Manna Pouring infinitely from every cell,
echoes the grid of flame through which all can be acessed, a flame for every dimension and sub dimension. The grid structure is the unbreakable diamond, that which refracts all light eternally.

This is the Alchemy of the Dragon,

Blessings to all.