Welcome, Radiant Soul

You have found your way to this page because a part of you, known or unknown, resonates with the truth contained within. If you were not ready for this next stage in your evolution as an individuated soul it would be completely impossible for you to have made it this far.

Since you incarnated here at this time you have agreed, on some level, to participate in the planetary ascension process by which we are collectively shifting our organisms and our environment from the denser corporeal realities of 3D and 4D into the lighter, heavenly existance availible in the Fifth Dimension and above; closer to source and grounded in Love and True Bliss. It is here where Infinite Joy and Mastery become the foundation and the baseline reality. It is a long journey and the road will not always be easy. Dedication and immeasurable surrender to truth is required and it is truly the most challenging feat we have ever attempted as source totality, however,  in the truest sense it is already here with you, NOW.


I am Dragon Rinpoche, Leader of Ascension.

For all Starseeds Illuminating the World into Immeasurable Light,

I stand as Light, Leader and Embodiment of Truth for Ascension.